Travis Vance Coaching
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Premier triathlon coaching catered to your goals and lifestyle.


Travis Vance Coaching is designed for triathletes of all abilities, skill-levels, and no matter where in the world you call home.  My coaching services are fully customized and are catered based on your performance, fitness level, goals, and your lifestyle in order to maximize results and help you reach your full potential in the sport.

My passion is triathlon and I share that passion through my coaching.  As a certified triathlon coach, I pride myself on ensuring each athlete receives the individual attention and planning they deserve.  I take no shortcuts and believe no goal is too big.  This allows you to feel confident that you are getting coached by someone who is committed to helping you reach your multi-sport goals and is as invested in your success as you are. 

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Coaching Services


In order to be a truly effective coach and get the most out of your athletes I believe that each person should receive the full spectrum of services that a coach offers.  An athlete should not be required to sacrifice certain aspects of coaching simply because of their budget. 

This is where Travis Vance Coaching is different from most others.

With Travis Vance Coaching you receive all of the traditional services you’d expect to get from a coach without the expensive price tag that comes along with it.  The result is an all-inclusive coaching package offered at single, affordable price.

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