Chase Your Passion, Not a Paycheck

How many times have you heard someone say: "If you love what you do, then it never really feels like a job?"  If you're like me it's probably been more times then you can count.  You hear the saying and more often then not you're left wondering how you can experience this for yourself.  I was no different for the longest time, and probably like a lot of people out there, I had no really clue as to what my passion was and what I should be chasing.  I just knew that any time I heard that saying I would always think long and hard about some way I could break free from the corporate grind and doing something that I actually love. 

Sure, project management is cool and it pays the bills, but it'd be a far stretch for me to say I actually love it.  I'm good at it, it fits my personality type, but it's not my passion.  I've been a life-long athlete and sports have been the only thing that truly speak to me and move my soul.  It's the one consistency I've had throughout my entire life and quite frankly it has done a lot to shape me into the person I am today.  I unfortunately missed the bus to becoming a professional basketball player awhile back.  Apparently the odds aren't in favor of 6 foot 4 inch white guys when it comes to catching that ride.  But even when those days had passed I continued to find some sort of release through sports whether it was weight lifting, flag football, rec basketball leagues, mud runs, and at one point I even tried my hand at MMA fighting.  It didn't really matter what it was as long as it involved athletic ability, provided me an opportunity to work towards a goal, and allowed me to better myself.  I've always enjoyed it and the process that comes along with it.

This sanctuary through sport continued through college and up through my early to mid twenties until I got my first corporate job.  At that point I decided that perhaps the more realistic approach would be to turn my focus to my professional success and not my athletic pursuits.  To keep a long story short, it didn't take me long to realize the climbing the corporate ladder was not all I thought it was going to be.  I eventually came across triathlon one day and thought it sounded like a fun new challenge so I decided to sign up for a 70.3 distance race as my introduction to the sport.  As they say, the rest is history.

Let me fast forward to today and circle back to my original point.  I'm here today because after many years of early mornings, countless miles logged, emotional highs and lows, I'm taking the chance to chase my passion and not a paycheck.  I've known for quite some time that this sport is my passion and that nothing has ignited a fire in my soul that way triathlon has.  But it wasn't until recently that I realized that this is the path I've been searching for and the one that will ultimately lead me to the point where I can say that I never have to feel like I'm working ever again.  So I'm happy to announce that Travis Vance Coaching is officially off and running and that I'm currently accepting athletes.  My intention is to start small to make sure every person is able to get high quality training plans and highly focused attention so that I can build a brand and a reputation that people trust and seek when looking for a coach.

In future blogs I'll share a little more about my outlook on the sport and coaching, how I approach training, and I'll give you a little bit more insight into me, Travis.  I'm looking forward to starting this journey and hope to work with you soon.

Happy training.


Travis Vance