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Travis Vance Coaching is proud to partner with some of the best names in the industry and offer athletes and friends exclusive discounts to their products and services.



Coaching and knowledge are the heart of the business. Educating athletes in every aspect of swim/bike/run is the passion that drives Playtri’s approach and their mission. Offering brick and mortar stores with exceptional service, expansive selection and critical knowledge enable athletes from all backgrounds to have a place they can invest in their health and well being. 

With the recent acquisition of Endurance House, two powerhouses in the world of triathlon retailing have combined into the largest chain of triathlon-focused retail locations in the nation, with 18 locations in nine states with additional plans for future expansion.

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The Blue Seventy (branded as “blueseventy”) brand of wetsuits and swimwear began life in New Zealand in 1993, and quickly rose to become a preferred wetsuit for Ironman competitors and other triathletes before expanding in the early 2000’s to include race swimwear and goggles.  At its core, BlueSeventy remains a focused “swimmer’s“ brand and a leader in fabric technology. The company is known for putting a premium on fit, with special emphasis on gender-specific suits.

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Since 1985 all Rudy Project products masterfully blend cutting-edge technology and aesthetically sculpted design, along with Italian styling and attention to detail, to make some of the world’s best eyewear, hi-tech prescription solutions, helmets and sports gear. Legends of cycling, motorsports, triathlon, and many other disciplines represent Rudy Project as they wear the brand’s helmets and sunglasses in training and competition across the globe. By using athlete feedback, Rudy Project has developed unique products with the latest designs, aerodynamics, and technology. For this reason, Rudy Project supports and offers gear solutions to thousands of professional athletes and sports enthusiasts all around the world.  The end result is a collection of products that elevate athlete’s safety, comfort and, above all, performance in any field of play. Rudy Project is a worldwide developer, manufacturer, and distributor of performance sunglasses, helmets, goggles, and prescription solutions of the highest technical level.


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RunLab™ is a movement analysis and diagnostic company. They provide any runner and triathlete access to a full-body movement assessment developed by RunLab’s team of medical experts, elite runners, and clinical biomechanists. Each person’s unique biomechanical fingerprint is analyzed to create a detailed 14-page Movement Analysis Profile™ and algorithmic-based Footwear Prescription. We understand the complex relationship between individual structure, range-of-motion, goals, strengths, and limiters and will help you understand the way YOU move. Get your movement patterns evaluated head to toe today!


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